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Default Re: Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

I hope I don't offend anyone here because that is not how I am. My mom dad smoked...died of smoking related heart attack at the age of 61...My sister-in law smoked...died of lung cancer at age 44... one aunt and two uncles...heart attack and lung cancer... I am very afraid of 2nd hand smoke. Smokers have their rights...I just wish they would think of not only others health...but their own. It is very painful watching your loved ones die so early because they smoke. My granddaughters loved my sister-in law so was 7 when she died and still cries over her at the age of 13.
Actually, I don't mind the smell, I grew up with it. I just don't want to die of lung cancer or a heart attack when I have never raised a cigarette to my mouth.

wishing good health to all,
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