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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

Wow luvlelady you brought up a good one huh!!!
I am with the majority of the posts here I do not smoke never have never will ..I do feel It is your right !!BUT I also have a son with asthma have you ever had the feeling you cant breathe????He has and its been cigerette induced if we dont have his puffer right there then he has an attack and he only has mild asthma!!I cant imagine the people withmore serious cases and how they may feel.Im sorry that you are tired of us complainers but I am also tired of the smokers that complain about no were to smoke.We shouldnt have to be in a room filled with smoke!!!Do you mind those stinky cigars? I just believe you should be confined to an area where its not going to bother those of us that choose to live longer..I work in the ICU dept of the hospital here in my town and I have seen things that may give you a wake up call and youd never smoke again..People beg for there lives back and end up dying I feel for those that are too addicted to quit.But all around youd be alot better off quiting. Last but not least I know that you cant smell yourself when you smoke but It really smells bad Im not sure if you realize that but its awful your hair,clothes,breath,hands...
AND those of us that have to sleep in cabins right after a couple of hard core smokers smokin for 7 days is disgusting.Thank you for being one of the few considerate smokers but there are not alot of you out there..............................SHELLY

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