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Im going on the Infinity on 9-29-05 and was wondering if I go to the buffet for dinner on formal night I don't need to dress up. But can I still go to the shows in shorts and T-shirt for formal night. I always do on Princess. Im tried of dressing up on ships. That's why I like going on cruise West so much. All casual!

A lot of passengers are making formal complaints about failure of cruise lines to enforce dress codes when there are flagrant violations, so you may encouner changes in policy on some lines. this is probably why some of Celebrity's ships are cracking down.

To answer your question, though, T shirts are acceptable during the day, but not during the evening, aboard Celebrity's ships. I find that it's more convenient to bring polo or golf shirts, as I can wear them both in the evening (with a sport coat on informal evenings and without the coat on casual evenings) and during the day. Polo or golf shirts also work pretty well if I'm going to the beach. Thus, I just bring enough polo or golf shirts for the cruise and leave the T shirts at home. If you plan to work out at the fitness center, though, you may want to bring T shirts to wear while doing so.

I have been on 25 cruises but never on Celebrity. This is going to be very interesting to see if I like going on Celebrity. I have always heard good things about them.

I really think that the formal nights are a great experience for young people. I know that it's somewhat foreign for a lot of young adults today, but there are also many young people who find that they enjoy it after they do it enough times to become familiar wiht the routine.

Anyway, have a great cruise!

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