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Is Celebrity dress code like Princess? Do Celebrity really in-force dress code. My sister called Celebrity and they told her she can wear jeans to dinner on causal nights.

Unfortunately, Celebrity's call centers seem to be the source of a lot of misinformatoin.

Do people actually wear jeans to dinner?

Not if they really want to eat dinner.

Enforcement may vary from cruise to cruise, but the line's clearly stated policy is that bluejeans are NOT allowed in the main dining rooms. Those who violate the rules may be turned away.

My sister doesn't like to dress up. Im fine, I would never wear jeans to dinner. I don't even like to wear a polo shirt for dinner. Im more like a dress shirt and tie.

On casual nights, you don't have to dress up. A pair of slacks (dockers or equivalent) or khaki pants would be fine. If your sister prefers, she can wear a skirt and a top.

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