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Can anyone tell me if any of the preium cruise lines
offer better rates for a solo cruiser? And where to find
to find the most competitive fares. I am Not really
interested in that lines cater to younger singles.

Practically speaking, no.

Princess Cruises has a published policy of charging a single supplment of 60% for standard inside or outside cabins (but not to suites, "deluxe" cabins, or cabins with verandas), but the catch -- yes, there's always a catch is that it's not applicable to sale fares. The reality of the line's discounting today is that twice the sale fare, less port charges and taxes for the second passenger, is generally chepaer -- often considerably so -- than the single supplement on the cheapest fare to which it's applicable.

The practical reality is that cruise lines charge by the cabin now just as hotels charge by the room even though they quote half the price on the claim that it's per person, based on double occupancy. It would be more honest to quote the full fares per cabin, but then sticker shock would drive some prospects away.

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