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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

WOW!!!! i didn't realize i would cause such a controversy for just saying that i was tired of hearing people complain about the smell!!! i know it's bad for my health,( and those around me, thats why i don't smoke indoors!!) but, it truly is very difficult to quit( have tried very hard at least 6 times) i just meant that i was tired of reading soo many reviews that say the ships smell of smoke...i was trying , not to take away anyones right to their opinion, or impose my opinion on them, but, the places on board that do allow smoking, and if you don't like it, stay out of those bars or lounges! there are plenty of places to go that are smoke free.

i think if those of you who complain about the smell( not the health issues) should write to the cruise companies to try to make more pleasant accomodations for those of you who do not smoke!!! i agree that you have the right not to be around second hand smoke!!! if hotels can offer non-smoking rooms, why can't the ships!! this way we could all enjoy our cruising experiences without infringing on anyone's rights!!!

and by the way, why is the paradise changing it's non-smoking ship policy????
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