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Originally Posted by Jason
Marc and Donna,
So let me get this straight… The FREE cabins given to CruiseMates for each “?? amount of cabins booked, through Nancy, are worth nothing? Your assumption, of us (on Chit-chat) being ignorant to the process is as upsetting as (chit-chat) being unimportant. If not enough people book the CruiseMates sponsored cruise…Hence No Comped cabins for the CM Staff members… The Result would be, cancellation of sponsored cruise… I recall a couple of those. NO VALUE to Cruisemates? Come on… Give us a little credit … This is almost embarrassing!

I'll have to edit my signature, cause' it ain't funny no more...

What Donna is saying is absolutely true, Cruisemates does NOT do CruiseMates cruises to make money. There are arrangements made between CM and the travel agents to accommodate the CM hosts, but on a cruise with 160 cabins sold that equals a lot of "free" cabins that CruiseMates is not making a penny from - they are going back into the pool to keep the cost of the cruise down.

Jason, we provide you with a free public forum, but not for the purpose of mis-quoting us in a bad light. But I thank you for bringing an important misperception to light. I suppose some people have believed we do this simply to sell our group cruises. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we stopped doing CM cruises right now it would not affect our bottom line one iota (might even improve it).

We do the group cruises because they are fun thing to do, and it gives us an opportunity to give our underpaid staff a perk. However. the staff member who goes often ends up doing a lot more work and spending more money on those cruises than they expected, because they care about making the fun happen.

So, we are not here just for the almighty dollar, believe it or not. And though it would probably be wiser for me not to respond to allegations most people know are not true, because we are good people, I have a hard time not standing up for us when someone claims otherwise.

Actually, I am hoping some cabins will open up because I would personally like to meet all of you. I have not been on a CM cruise since 2001. With all those free cabins, you'd think the president would get one at some point ;-) - just kidding, there are no free cabins.