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Default I have to agree Norm

Why is it that those who DO NOT want to follow guidelines or dress TRY to change the rules and 'ruin' it for everyone else?

I choose X because of the standards it follows.

Although I am not fond of some other lines, If I chose not to dress or to take a vacation with people who didn't/wouldn't dress I would suggest a more casual line. I might or might not go...however I WOULD adhere to their policies as I do with X.

In other words I KNOW that if I go Celebrity I am EXPECTED to dress formal for Formal evenings. i.e. Tux or dinner jacket. I know that informal (while we dissagree somewhat) means a jacket and tie.

So if I want to bum around in shorts, khakis and flip flops in the diningroom I WOULD NOT CHOOSE X, but adifferent company. Mostlikey one with casual alternative, no formal evenings, come as you are policies.

You do not have to be a brain surgeon to figure this out.

And I DO complain and write on the comment cards about ahearance. I get names and days. Sometimes as in one case a picture to send long to corporate.

The thing that scares me is that many people blame the ships in NOT STRICTLY ENFORCING thier policies.

As adults, we really should know better.

I don't think I'd want to be the one on a ship that immediately started enforcing policy after leaving port and having to deal with and fight the group of ding-dongs that challenge the issue. It would cause nothing more than riot, malice, discust ...etc with not only the line who are doing nothing but performing their jobs, but with the idiots who are breaking the rules.

All out anarchy is what comes to mind.

I like the addage...Well not everyone dressed on my last cruise and they were okay....or 50% wear tuxes the other 50% looked nice and classy...or something of the sort.

What I have to say is just because someone else does it, doesn't 'makit rite'

And for those who want to contradict me....If everyone else gets drunk and jumps overboard...does that mean your going to follow? Because everyone else is doing it?

I'd guess at least 30% on these boards would go for a swim...thats the level of maturity I'm sensing.

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