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No we didn't...but a friend of ours had some custom made shirts and two suits. He loved them and said the prices were excellent.

Since we didn't follow up on the information (which we later regreted!) I can't remember where he got his stuff made.

BUT, as soon as you arrive...visit the Hong Kong Tourist Association...(it can be compared to our American Auto Association here) They can help you find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in Hong Kong. They can also give you a list of businesses that have registered with them, have good references and honest business practices. The Hong Kong Tourist Association gave us free maps, directions, suggestions for tours, etc. They also have tour books too. It's a good place to start your visit to Hong Kong.

The rail system is spotlessly clean and very safe. (just don't do anything silly like 'flash' a wad of money) Cab service is fast, efficient and cheap.

We traveled from one end of Hong Kong to the other using public transportation. No problems at all! Toured most of Kowloon using the rail system., on time and very clean.

I'm allergic to MSG, so one of the employees at HKTA wrote in Chinese on a piece of paper, 'Please prepare our food with no MSG'. We were able to show this at restaurants, and other food venders. A life saver to say the least!

Yup...I'd give them a visit as soon as you arrive. There is one in Kowloon right by the pier and in one in Hong Kong...we've visited both.
There may be several more through-out the city...don't know for sure.

What a great adventure awaits you! We wanted to go back as soon as we boarded the plane to fly home!...You will have a great time. Enjoy!!
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