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Good Morning and hope all are well and having a good day.

Add my name to Ray,Mark,James,Mike to the ones who took a tumble. I was chasing a stray dog off of my patio and it turned on me and MY dog came bolting out of the front door that was accidently held open by the wind and came to my rescue, kinda. She bolted by me and I tried to stop her and in the process she knoced me on my arse. The bad side where I was already hurting. Thought I broke my wrist but didnt. This is the first time in 7 yrs my dog has gotten out the front. She chased that Rotty down and Bit it on the arse and sent it home where it belonged. I watched as it ran under the house of it's owner and he told me to keep my dog at home . I can not and will not repeat how I told him to keep his dog at home and corralled. Uh Huh I did.. I am so sore this morning that people around me are hurting.

Have a good day and please stay safe.
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