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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

It really comes down to this point:
We can all choose to smoke or not to smoke. Smoking has been proven to be dangerous to health. Those of us who have chosen not to may have done so for health reasons. My grandmother is allergic to tobacco smoke, and I am similar but not as allergic.
Secondhand smoke is real, and it is dangerous. You are able to make the choice, but if you smoke around people who don't smoke, then the nonsmokers can no more choose not to breathe the smoke than they can choose to stop breathing and stop their hearts!
In fact, I'd like it if the casino had nonsmoking areas near the entrance so the smoke does not bother the people on the promenades, or at least very high powered air returns to remove it.
The public health is now the primary concern after safety on cruise ships. if we're doing CDC inspections on food because of minor GI problems, why are they still allowing a potentially lethal habit that affects both those who choose to use it and those who do not?

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