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Why is it that those who DO NOT want to follow guidelines or dress TRY to change the rules and 'ruin' it for everyone else?

I choose X because of the standards it follows.

Although I am not fond of some other lines, If I chose not to dress or to take a vacation with people who didn't/wouldn't dress I would suggest a more casual line. I might or might not go...however I WOULD adhere to their policies as I do with X.

I agree completely. It's primiarly a question of making appropriate choices when booking the cruise so that one books on a line that delivers what one wants.

In other words I KNOW that if I go Celebrity I am EXPECTED to dress formal for Formal evenings. i.e. Tux or dinner jacket. I know that informal (while we dissagree somewhat) means a jacket and tie.

Splitting hairs, the guidelines that Celebrity is giving out aboard ship now stipulate that a necktie optional on informal evenings even though a sport coat is expected.

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