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Me again...
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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

"The public health is now the primary concern after safety on cruise ships. if we're doing CDC inspections on food because of minor GI problems, why are they still allowing a potentially lethal habit that affects both those who choose to use it and those who do not?"

Like I said, they allow it, because they (meaning the government) make too much $$ off it to do anything about it. As far as trying to quit, it's simple. QUIT BUYING THEM. I just thought about my kids healthy pink lungs turning black, and watching my grandfather fight for his last breath. It really wasn't that tough. If you do not have cigs, you can't smoke them. Sure the cravings are rough. But "this too shall pass", and if you don't have that back up pack in the house, you can't cheat.

I do believe in freedom of choice, but when smokers pollute the air, and me and my kids are FORCED to breath that air, what choice do we have? Yes there are smoke free areas, but it is impossible to stay away from the nasty stuff. I guess we should just hold our breath, you know, just to be fair.
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