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Originally Posted by JeanS
Someone posted under another topic that they've seen people turned away from the after dinner show because they changed from formal wear. Has anyone heard of this??? Hubby & I will dress up for formal nights, but usually return to our cabin to change to jeans (God forbid!!) on our vacation because we want to be comfortable and we are on vacation, for God's sake!!!

I would have a REAL problem (and believe me, so would Celebrity!) if they turned us away because we were not dressed formally for the show...

Any experience with this???
From my experience you will have no problems wearing jeans to the show. I have done it on all 3 of my Celebrity cruises and I have seen others doing it as well. Some people change right after dinner or dine at the casual alternative and then attend the show afterwards. I think the reports you have read have either been exaggerated or have been people dressed EXTREMELY inappropriately (shorts, raggedy torn jeans, etc.). I have never seen fashion police standing at the door checking attire on the way in, so as long as your overall appearance is nice, I think you will be fine.

I have even worn the forbidden jeans to the main dining room (not on formal night). Noone noticed and/or cared.

Of course, you are going to get many relies quoting formal policy and reminding you that formal night applies to the whole ship and not just the dining room, but reality often differs from people's expectations. The cruiseline offers a casual dining alternative and they can't seriously expect that those casual diners aren't going to disperse to the rest of the ship after dinner is over.

If you are really concerned about it, though, try wearing black jeans. It's much harder to tell they are jeans from a distance. I know when I'm wearing my black jeans, someone would have to be standing right next to me rubbing their hand up and down my pants to even tell they were jeans! If someone wants to go through that extreme to tell what kind of fabric my pants are made of, then it is them with the problem, not me!
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