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I don't have one and will never get one. However, I have many employees who do and I can tell you one thing about my perspective on some of these employees.

One individual has them all over his arms, neck, legs, back, etc. He is a sharp guy and probably capable of being a manager. However, if he worked for me in my former corporate job I could never nominate him for a managerial position because of his tatoos. The tatoos sticking out from his collared shirt and suit coat and wrists and hands would detract from the image he needs. You see, when he attends corporate meetings with clients and customers he's representing the company and he has an image to uphold. He's just not representing himself, he's representing the corporation and every employee who is part of that corporation.

Likewise, he couldn't represent the company image if he had waste length hair and a scraggly beard. Or if he was wearing a skirt and tank top. Having the image is also an important part of the job.

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