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Default Jean...

I just don't get it....Especially the THREAT to Celebrity.

WHY WOULD YOU get all dressed up for dinner and then RUSH back to your cabin to change into jeans for an hour long show? It really makes no sense to me at all.

Yes you are on vacation, but does that me you can do what ever the hell you want?

The formal and informal nights are a respected tradition. you are expected to dress accordingly out of respect and tradition...and by golly you are not a new cruiser...and you know what to expect in advance...So there really is no excuse for ignorance, simply defiance of the codes.

Grow up.

Along with the NEW advertising campaign X is out with, they are starting to ENFORCE their codes and policies.

The daily on the two day to Cococay not only listed its dress codes and asked for strict adhereance, but gave a warning to families with misbehaving children.

Celebrity IS going back to the more traditional adult themed cruises. and that does mean dressing appropriately.

As for the excuse of not knowing. Celebrity CLEARLY explains their dress code in your boarding documents that they send. They SPECIFY what they consider Casual, Informal, and Formal. Thus unless you are a complete moron who cannot read English...there is NO EXCUSE!

By the way, on the 2 day which was casual dining I would say the majority was dressed more "informal" than casual.

And yes, I also have seen people turned away both at the restaurant and at the theatre...and then they have the balls to argue with the staff like this whole idea of dressing properly was never stamped onto their forhead.

Jean, you seem like a nice, intelligent person. Have a nice time on the cruise, and if they do turn you away from the diningroom or theatre...please accept it like an adult.

For the OP: The sweater with the pants suit sounds a little more casual than informal. The diningroom is not going to be freezing. I would opt for a nice blouse instead

Ill be on the Mercury Sept 8th.....Have fun

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