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First of all, I never said I could do whatever the hell I wanted to do because I was on vacation. And yes, as you can see by my cruising history, we have been on MANY cruises and this will be our first on Celebrity. During our many cruises, we have NEVER seen a requirement that we wear formal wear to the after dinner shows.

And you ask why we would "rush" back to our staterooms to change? Welll,

1. My feet hurt from my high heels, no matter how good they look. Have you ever worn high heels??

2. In the dining room the lights are on and people can see how you are dressed. During the show the lights are off, you are NOT the show so who should care how you are dressed?

3. I do get cold easily and would be more comfortable in a nice warm sweatshirt and jeans. (I can hear the gasps of total shock all the way across the country!)

4. Believe it or not , I AM on vacation. I am giving them LOTS of my hard earned money to relax and enjoy myself. I am not on show for them or other people, and aside from the formal night in the dining room, I should be able to dress as I please, as long as it's not sloppy with holes in my clothes.

I realize people's lives really get affected by how others are dressed, but I think people need to relax a bit and just let others enjoy themselves as they wish. It wouldn't bother me in the slighest if someone wishes not to dress up, even on formal night, but I realize you cannot understand that.

In that case, maybe Celebrity will not be for us, but we'll try it once. And yes, I am contacting Celebrity to find out if what you say is true.

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