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Originally Posted by bububr
Along with the NEW advertising campaign X is out with, they are starting to ENFORCE their codes and policies.

The daily on the two day to Cococay not only listed its dress codes and asked for strict adhereance, but gave a warning to families with misbehaving children.

Celebrity IS going back to the more traditional adult themed cruises. and that does mean dressing appropriately.
These rumors of Celebrity returning to more traditional cruising with stricter enforcement of dress codes have been floating around since rebranding a few years ago. Doesn't seemed to have happened yet!

I just love when people quote the dailies. You know, it really doesn't matter to me what is stated in the dailies regarding dress code. What matters to me is the information that I receive PRIOR to booking my cruise. The dress code information on Celebrity's website (quoted below) states nothing about formalwear be required throughout the entire ship. In fact, it implies the exact opposite. It only specifically mentions three things as being formal: the Captain's Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party, dinner on the second night, and the Captain's Farewell Dinner. This would lead me to believe that it's okay not to be dressed formal elsewhere aboard ship.

But if that's not enough, the wishy-washy language could lead someone to believe that formalwear is entirely optional even in the above 3 places: "both men and woman may prefer more dressy attire...". This certainly implies that it is okay NOT TO PREFER more dressy attire, and in fact, seems even more ambiquous and wishy-washy than the often argued about terms "requested" and "suggested".

But even if you go on the assumption that formalwear is absolutely required in the 3 places mentioned above, the website goes on to describe the casual dining alternatives. I don't know how they could not expect this to cause some confusion. Naturally those who dine casually are going to disperse throughout the ship afterwards to enjoy the evening's entertainment. Surely, they don't seriously expect us to confine ourselves to our cabins after dining, do they? If this is what they expect, then they should have a warning printed in BIG BOLD PRINT in the information that is available PRIOR TO BOOKING to avoid any confusion and later disappointment. Perhaps something like:

Guests are welcome to enjoy our casual dining alternatives, however, we kindly request that you RUN, DON'T WALK, back to your cabin afterwards, lest the sight of you offend those better dressed.

So quote the dailies all you want. Too little, too late! But as I've said in other posts, what I wear is really only between me and Celebrity and they have never had a problem with my appearance. Perhaps they aren't as STRICT as some would like to believe.

Originally Posted by Celebrity's Website
For the formal nights, including the Captain's Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party, dinner on the second night, and the Captain's Farewell Dinner held the next-to-last night of the cruise; both men and women may prefer more dressy attire, such as an evening gown for women and a tuxedo or dress suit for men.

Celebrity Cruises has implemented a casual dining service on its five ships. Casual dining is offered most nights on every cruise, depending upon the itinerary, and is served in the Palm Springs Grill and pool area on the Mercury and at the Oasis Grill and pool area on the Galaxy. On the Zenith casual dining is offered in the Windsurf Cafe. On the Century casual dining is available in the Sky Bar. On our newest ships, casual dining is offered at the Seaside Grill and pool on the Constellation, the Oceanview Grill and pool area on the Infinity, the Ocean Grill on the Millennium and the Waterfall Grill on the Summit.
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