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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

Yeah what about obesity, buffets are killing us!!!! I've seen 10 yrs olds that gotta weight in at at least 150 lbs. , and momma was still loading their plate! That's diabetes in the making.

Kim, no, a smoker can't just give it up for a few days, that is a statement made by someone who has obviuosly never smoked. If it was easy to quit don't you think people would? I mean really, think about it, most smokers are fully aware of the health risks, and they are fully aware of the exspence, and they are also fully aware that many consider them second hand citizens.
I myself am an ex smoker, and don't particularly like the smell in my hair either,nor do I like it in dining rooms or casinos, but honestly some of the non smokers on this board are the hugest whiners ever, they make say things like if someone smokes outside and I have to walk on the deck 1/2 hour later it may cause me to die of lung cancer.! Ha!

There is no smoking in any dining room on any ship( mass market) that I am aware of, almost every ship has some smokefree lounges, and almost everyship has a smoke free showroom. Plus 99% of smokers are very aware nowadays and very considerate!

No one should have to breathe second hand smoke, I totally agree, but as for smelling it on someones hair or clothes, well tough , move away from them. Some people wear perfume that is GAGGING me, and some have body odour that could kill a cow.

We all have to share this earth, so head on down to the buffet folks and shovel it in, there is always another way to have a heart attack after you quit smoking!
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