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Default for starters...

Well, gee, guess you are just better people than others since you like to get all dressed up in an uncomfortable suit with a tie choking your neck. Enjoy!
I am no better than any one else. I just follow guidelines and rules, and if I don't like the way things are run I either go through the proper channels to try and have them altered, or I choose something more appropriate to what I am looking for.

Sorry, but my suit is not uncomfortable, and my tie does not choke me. Heres a hint: if you buy the right size it fits right.

1. My feet hurt from my high heels, no matter how good they look. Have you ever worn high heels??
No I haven't. I've noticed many women wearing lower heeled shoes that look very appropriate. They seem to go all night in these and not complain as far as I can see.

2. In the dining room the lights are on and people can see how you are dressed. During the show the lights are off, you are NOT the show so who should care how you are dressed?
You are in the public areas and in view of all on the ship. Yes the theatre is dark...but coming and going isn't. Are you going to hide in the shadows of the corridors? Why should you stay dressed? well out of respect for others that are...thats a good reason.

i]3. I do get cold easily and would be more comfortable in a nice warm sweatshirt and jeans. (I can hear the gasps of total shock all the way across the country!) [/i]
Thats why god invented wraps and shawls.

4. Believe it or not , I AM on vacation. I am giving them LOTS of my hard earned money to relax and enjoy myself.
Thats where you are wrong. You are not giving them "LOTS of my hard earned money". You are BUYING an advertised service that is not exclusive to you only. Part of this service that is being sold is the Ambience. By doing your own thing and not following the guidelines you are distracting others from this part of the trip that many enjoy. This is simply being RUDE.

It wouldn't bother me in the slighest if someone wishes not to dress up, even on formal night,
Thats fine for you and many others. Maybe you should invest a little more time in finding a cruiseline that better suits your needs or offers you the freedom that you wish.

I prefer to live with in the boundries that are SET and ASKED of passengers to follow as not to DISTRACT from others experiences.
You prefer to live only for yourself. I find that very selfish, and unattractive.

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