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I personally have seen someone turned away from the show on a formal night because they were not appropriately dress.

Good. It's about time!

The daily does state the evening dress code is required (Celebrity's bold) in all public areas except for the casual dining boulevard. Will they turn you away? - probably not. Could they turn you away? - possibly.
We cruise Celebrity for its ambiance and service. Before our first cruise, our TA asked us a lot of questions about our likes and dislikes and based on our answers recommended Celebrity. Celebrity is quite upfront about its dress codes and even give suggested dress. They do not state it as a must in the info but say it is requested. If a friend has a party and requests a certain dress, you would follow it. Requested dress is a polite way of saying what type of dress is appropriate.
It is only in the past couple of years that Celebrity has listed the word required in the daily. In the past it was just listed as evening dress code.

This change is a sad reflection of the societal failure to teach socual etiquette in our schools and in oruhomes so that successive generations would learn it.

There are at least a couple points of social etiquette that are relevant to this subject.

>> 1. It is the prerogative of the host of a function to prescribe the attire for that function and the obligation of ALL guests to conform.

>> 2. It's customary for a person in authority to "suggest" rather than to "order" or "command," but a "suggestion" by somebody in authority conversely carries the same absolute expectatoin of conformance as a direct order. The captain of the vessel, who prescribes the evening dress code either directly or by delegation to a subordinate, is a "person in authority" for everybody embarked in his vessel.

Enforcement should not be necessary because there should be complete conformance without question. Alas, the boorish have made enforcement necessary -- and we all will pay for it in the form of higher fares to cover the cost of additional staff.

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