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Hi Luv,

Thanks for your response. You certainly seem a lot more relaxed and happy in your life than Rev and Bububr...YOU are the kind of person I would ENJOY sharing a table with!!! Some people are so stressed and unhappy, they really enjoy calling people names and being insulting. I feel sorry for them!

As I stated, I will contact Celebrity and find out what the facts are. Others have also mentioned that they aren't as strict as some would truly like them to be. If my being happy with MY vacation is being described as "selfish", well, then so be it! I have never been described as such in my life, but certain issues I do stand up for!

And gosh, if you both really have so much time on your hands as to number each of my comments and reply to each one of them, well, then, you really need something better to do with your time! Such anger in your responses!!! Tsk tsk There are more things in the world to be disgusted and angry over rather than whether I am wearing an evening gown or not, don't you think????

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