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Default luvtocruise99

The ship sets the appropriate wear for the evening. If is is formal with a casual dining option, BOTH would be allowed in public areas and to attend events like the shows unless otherwise specified.

JEANS AND A SWEATSHIRT are not considered CASUAL DRESS by Celebrity. THAT WAS MY POINT. Not that only those wear tuxedos and gowns could attend events.

JEANS aren't even considered resortwear, neither are sweatshirts.

SO when a poster PURPOSELY states they are going to break adhearance to the dress codes...I get pissed. Sorry if you disagree.

If Jean. who claims to be a seasoned cruiser had said she and her husband were to change into a casual pantsuit outfit and khakis with a polo shirt...I would have said okay...I think its stupid to dress for dinner then undress just for an hour show. Personally I feel if they are being chocked by ties and killed by high heels maybe they should forgo formal dinner and eat in their bathrobes in the cabin, then dress casually and go to the show.

I'd like to see them in New York. Dinner at Sardis, then "Spam-a-lot".

Hmmm dinner rush back to the hotel change into sweats and do a sold out broadway show....How about a wedding? Wear something nice to church....change into jeans and sweat pants for the reception ....F*CK everybody else I wanna be comfortable...

Its NOT about what you are wearing its about RESPECTING TRADITION as well as consideration for the other passengers and thier experience.

I'm not going to walk by your table and spit on the floor "JUST BECAUSE I CAN" during the captains welcome or farewell don't SH*T allover my experience which IS inline with the vacation that was offered and I purchased. I HAVE NEVER SEEN CELEBRITY ADVERTISE ANYTHING BUT UPSCALE, TRADITIONAL, DRESSED UP PEOPLE IN THE DININGROOMS. Can you disagree? If you can , please provide alternative resources.


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