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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

pg said :
Kim, no, a smoker can't just give it up for a few days, that is a statement made by someone who has obviuosly never smoked.

Yes they can, its been done not by one but by 2 of my family members and 1 friend of the family. (this was a 7day cruise too) Not to mention, one of the family members is a heavy heavy smoker. But I guess some people are just more luckier then others. My dad smoked for years... but one day just decided he was done with it (with the help of me). He finished his last pack of cigarettes, oh wait no, he didn't even get to finish the whole pack... I lets say "took care of them" and he was not happy with the way I did it and neither am I,, but I did it. And in a way I'm happy because he never bought a pack after that. He smoked that last cigarette that he managed out of the pack before I "took care of them" and never had a cigarette after that. And by the way, I'm not saying the reason because its just gonna start another argument.

Pg said:
they make say things like if someone smokes outside and I have to walk on the deck 1/2 hour later it may cause me to die of lung cancer.

nobody has even said it like that. And in my last post I was basically saying, if there is going to be smoking allowed on ships then it should only be allowed outside. I'll repeat what I said....Smoking only allowed outdoors on the decks perhaps the back of the ship even. Just my opinion,,

so DUH!

pg said :
Plus 99% of smokers are very aware nowadays and very considerate!

Funny. Not 99%,, no way. Maybe 50-75 but not 99%

But I have to say pg, I do agree with you on the perfume and body odor!


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