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Are you serious?? Celebrity will actually TURN people away from the after dinner show because they changed after dinner??

They didn't usta havta, but then riff-raff who had no clue as to social etiquette started showing up onboard and interfereing with the line's contractual obligation to deliver the product that it advertised, and for which other customers had paid.

We usually DO change after dinner because we like to be comfortable on our vacation, and who wants to be uncomfortable on their VACATION???

Obviously the overwhelming majority of Celebrity's customers enjoy getting dressed up for formal evenings, because that's one of the resons why they choose Celebrity rather than other cruise lines or land resorts.

In a nutshell, you sign up to dress appropriately for the formal evenings when you book a Celebrity cruise -- as we all do. Nobody is forcing you to book on Celebrity. There are many other alternatives out there.

>> Norwegian Cruise Line advertises a "Formal Optional" policy.

>> Oceana Cruises is prescribes casual attire every evening of every cruise, with no formal, semiformal, or informal evenings.

>> Windjammer Barefoot Cruises is even more casual, allowing shorts and T shirts any time.

>> MV Paul Gaugin of Radisson Seven Seas Cruises offers "all casual" cruises in the "luxury" segment of the market.

>> Several of the lines with smaller vessels like CruiseWest and American Canadian Caribbean Line, also prescribe casual attire for the entire cruise.

If you want a casual cruise, book a line that offers a casual cruise. It's that simple. Yer pays yer money and yer takes yer choice. By booking on Celebrity, you sign up to dress appropriately for formal and informal evenings.

Excuse me, "Norm", but people are board are not "guests", you have not been invited to a party by a host you know personally, you are PAYING to be on this ship.

Celebrity applies the term "guests" to paying passengers. Of course, "guests" in hotels also pay for their rooms.

And I think the CREW's time on ships would be much better spent getting parents to control screaming out of control kids...

That's not much of a problem on Celebrity. In six cruises with Celebrity, I have knowledge of only one incident in which children were causing a disturbance. When a passenger whom they were disturbing approached the parents, the parents snapped at the passenger to but out, and that the children were fine doing whatever it was that they wer doing. The passenger whom they had disturbed then reported the incident to the staff at the shop's Guest Relations desk. Security apparently checked their videos, found the relevant segment, and summoned the offending parents to meet with the chief security officer and the chief passenger services officer. The behavior of the children suddenly changed pretty dramatically. Nobody would tell the passenger who reported the incident what transpired in the meeting, but one of the security people hinted that "we can put people off the ship in the next port" (with no further obligatoin) for disruptive behanvor. It's the passenger who reported the disruptive behavior who recounted the story.

...and people who put towels on lounge chairs that they are not using than worry about what people are wearing on their VACATION....

I have personally observed Celebrity's deck attendants picking up towels and personal belongings that passengers have left on lounge chairs before then departing from the pool area for more than a few minutes.

This is an area where there's an obvious need for some common sense. I don't have a problem with people leaving their belongings on a lounge near the pool while they are in the pool or its spas, or while they make head calls or get beverages and a burgers, or whatever, from the bar or the grill in the pool area. I do have a problem with people who leave their belongings for extended periods while they go off to other activities.

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