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Originally Posted by Rev22:17
As sensible as that might seem, it is in fact wrong. On Celebrity, the stated policy is that the prescribed evening attire is required everywhere except the "Casual Dining Boulevard." In other words, the line's stated policy is that formal or informal attire is required in the showroom, in all lounges, and in the casino on he respective evenings. Envorcement may vary, but it is a social faux pas to show up for the show in casual attire on a formal evening in any case. Princess maintained a similar policy though my last cruise with them, which was just prior to the merger of operations between the parent company and Carnival Corporation. I can't speak for other lines.
If it is their stated policy, than they are stating it in the WRONG places. As I said previously, what is printed in the dailies is of little concern to me. It is the information that I am given BEFORE BOOKING that I rely on and it is that information that I expect to be correct and consistently stated between sources (website, brochure, etc.).

You may consider it a social faux pas, but the many passengers who change after dinner or dine casual and then attend the show would seem to disagree. Too bad not everybody can live up to your social standards.

Even you and "bububr", who are generally on the same side of this issue, can't agree on this one!

Celebrity's website adds more to the confusion with statements such as this:

Originally Posted by Celebrity's Website
Evening dress codes apply to main restaurant dining. Specialty restaurant dining*, requires a jacket for gentlemen and a dress or pants and a blouse for ladies every night.
This again could lead someone to believe that formal dress is only required in the main dining room. Um, makes one wonder if Celebrity is deliberately trying to be ambiguous in their pre-booking literature.

Originally Posted by bububr
JEANS AND A SWEATSHIRT are not considered CASUAL DRESS by Celebrity. THAT WAS MY POINT. Not that only those wear tuxedos and gowns could attend events.eak adhearance to the dress codes...I get pissed. Sorry if you disagree.
Are we really back to arguing about the fabric of one's pants? If we are, it should be stated that jeans are only prohibited in the main dining room after 6 as per Celebrity's website:

Originally Posted by Celebrity's Website
Dining in jeans detracts from the overall ambience and is therefore not allowed in the main dining room after 6:00pm.
Jeans are specifically stated as being allowed in the casual alternatives. I could find nothing on their website regarding jeans being prohibited elsewhere on the ship, so lacking any information to the contrary, I would assume that Celebrity finds it perfectly acceptable to go from casual dining restaurant to showroom to casino while wearing jeans. Again, what is printed in the dailies is not the information I rely on, but rather the information available PRIOR to booking.

Originally Posted by bububr
But look at Jean's cruise history. All of her cruises have been on "budget" and "mainstream" lines that do not have -- and do not expect -- the class of Celebrity Cruises and its passengers. There is a difference. Anybody who cose on a Celebrity cruise thinking that the line's character and ambiance are just like the lines in her list is in for a rude awakening.
Do you really buy into that hype that Celebrity has a better class of passengers? Sorry, it's just not true. I have been on Carnival, Princess, RCCL, and Celebrity and I can say that the cross-section of passengers is equivalent across lines. You will find boorish slobs on Celebrity just as you will find stuckup snobs on Carnival.

As long as all the mainstream lines (and Celebrity IS a mainstream line) are competitively priced, you will find the same cross-section of passengers on each. Believing anything else is just living in your own fantasy world of elitism.

Originally Posted by bububr
The ship sets the appropriate wear for the evening.
This is probably the truest statement made this entire thread. The ship sets the appropriate wear. They also decide where it applies and how and when to enforce it. Makes what I wear a matter between me and Celebrity and noone else. Being that Celebrity has never complained about my attire, I'll have to assume that they find it acceptable.

Originally Posted by bububr
Its NOT about what you are wearing its about RESPECTING TRADITION as well as consideration for the other passengers and thier experience.
Some people wish to dress in a way that pleases themselves, while others wish to dress in a way that pleases themselves AND demand that everyone else dress in a way that pleases them too. Tell me, exactly who is being selfish here?

To put it another way, do you really expect a ship full of 2,000 people to be that concerned with YOUR experience?

It's obvious that this is an endless debate that will never have a clear winner, so I'm done with this thread. Happy cruising everyone!
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