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Default Re: Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

I smoked for several years. I quite four years ago. It is a terrible habit. I know because of experience. But it galls me to hear narrow minded people giving advice on what people should or should not do. Especially when they say something like, you want to just quit, quit buying them. It isn't that easy. It isn't any more easy than a non smoker thinking that they have the pious right to dictate what others should or should not do. There are plenty of smokers and non smokers out there that have much more filthier public habits than smoking. Like talking through movies, drinking and driving. Allowing their obnoxious children to run all over the place unattended. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. I hated it when I smoked. But there are many other things that people do that are more dangerous to our health and their own than smoking (outdoors). So maybe on both sides we all should just quit our griping and work on our individual obnoxiousness and try to be more tolerant of others?

Please God don't let me get on a cruise with a bunch of whiners.
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