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Default Luvtocruise99

Just to let you got a couple of the quotes mixed up.

I have one more scenario that ties in with your logic and please tell me if it makes any sense.

MANY people own cellphones....

Without being "Asked" should a person TURN OFF or PUT ON VIBRATE the ringer of their phone when in a public arena or event?

Lets say a wedding? a funeral? a church service? a movie theatre? a concert or play?

You will most likely say "Yes"

It would be common sense, common courtesy, and simply polite...Why because if the phone rings in a concert hall where people have paid hundreds for tickets they are going to be disturbed,only for a second...but how long is that memory of the ringtone going to last in their minds as they were listening to their favorite song by their favorite singer.

You are at a wedding in church and the officiant is delivering the vows. The ceremony is being taped. Some ones phone goes off and they actually answer it and say "I'll have to call you back". What impression does this leave not only on the newly weds, but on the rest of the attendants?


Its a shame that in most places they NOW HAVE TO ANNOUNCE "Please turn off all cell phones and pagers" including at church services and in movie theatres. Its even more of a shame that many do not.

Now my comparison, call it apples to oranges, is just that. MOST places will politely ASK you turn turn off all cell phones and pagers. By doing so they ARE saying 'WE WANT THEM TURNED OFF FOR THE ENJOYMENT AND RESPECT OF EVERYONE PRESENT' , but that is not what they are saying, is it? no they are asking PLEASE...just as RECOMMENDED is used just as SUGGESTED is used in the description of the dress codes.

Now, thinking about yourself for a moment, You have been dying to see a certain movie, and waiting for the chance. You pay for your ticket and go and sit down at the perfect spot. Your already into this for $15.00 or so with the ticket, and popcorn and a drink........

A woman sits next to you, and the movie starts. Just as something exciting is about to happen her cell phone rings, it rings again, then again, she picks it screen glowing in the dark like a flare...and answers, " Hello....I'm at the movies...Why...I can't talk...What....", and so on and so on and so on.

Guess what, SHE PAID FOR HER TICKET, just as you did. The theatre only SUGGESTED for patrons to turn off their phones, they didn't REQUIRE or DEMAND it.....

Do you feel like you got your $15.00 worth? was you experience HINDERED by this woman? Did you get what you paid for...She did.

Now I do understand clothing IS different fro cell phones. But my point is that It IS possible for someones anticipated experience to be dampened by someone how CHOOSES to not adhere to policy, whether suggested, asked, or recommended. NO it won't ruin the entire trip, but someone IS NOT GETTING what they paid for, that was advertised, and contracted to by purchasing the experience.

It boils down to common sense. Formal does mean formal. Black tie means black tie...the suggestions for dress while as you state are NOT orders on how to dress but suggestions for the enjoyment of all, not just a few. If the cruise lines DIDN'T CARE, why would they even go through the expence of even posting or advertising suggestions and recomendations. Things aren't always spelled out in black and white. However that does not give us the right to run wild. And if you are unsure there are always resourses that you can search for a clearer answer to your questions.

Jean: I love to wear jeans and sweatshirts all the time, except when I am doing business, or attending a function. A cruise IS a vacation, TRUE...but it is also a function. There ARE guidelines and traditions that SHOULD be followed. IT is not your home, it is a SHIP that belongs to a company that has the RIGHT to set its own policies, whether you agree or not. Most of us adhere to these, and for the few that don't, its like slapping tradition and authority in the face. You have the right to choose to purchase this package or go somewhere else to find a package more to your liking.

If I invite you to my home for a BBQ and a few beers, I EXPECT but will not tell you that everyone will be in casual clothing. If I invite you to a dinner party with other couples I EXPECT you to be dressed accordingly, and I think you would...I wouldn't expect you to change right after dinner into sweats to sit down and talk with everyone after words...and I truly don't think you would. So why would you do this to me on a ship just because you are not in my home.

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