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I heard on other Celebrity ships that their frequent Celebrity cruisers want them to expand to other parts of the world. Asia and the South Pacific.

I also heard the new build is going to be a more luxurous ship that the Millenium class, even though it's bigger it might do some longer voyages which is also being requested by past Celebrity cruisers.

I feel Celebrity may be competing with Holland and now Oceania which does longer and more interesting destinations. It seems that everyone is catering to the baby boomers since they now have the money to spend on vacations.

I can see the new ship doing the Caribbean which is still very popular and the piers can handle a larger ship (look at RCL's Voyager class) and then they will send their Millenium class or even smaller ships to the more exotic ports. I'm sure by the end of next year we will learn more.

I think you are going to see a broader itinerary with Celebrity in 2008. Just my thoughts or maybe just my wishful thinking.
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