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Default happycruiser383...

it allwent off topic around jeans comment....

"I would have a REAL problem (and believe me, they would too!!) if they tried to deny us entry to the after dinner show....after all, they have taken our money!!! "


Its also a bit of my fault, I love to jump in on these things.

As for the pool party stuff, Celebrity does not do a lot around the pool. They have a band that plays occasionally but really no activities. Most enjoy just laying around and soaking up the sun, relaxing in the hot tubs, or taking an icy plunge into the salt water of the pools..Bbbbrrrrrr.

I have found the most active line is Carnival with the hairiest this or that contest, shooting hoops, stuffing fruit into your bathing suit...picking up spoons underwater...etc. RCCL does some of these things also if I can remember correctly ( I haven't sailed on them recently).

I'm sure you'll meet some nice people and have a great time on which ever ship you choose..! Whetherit be Celebrity, RCCL, Carnival or another line.

Remember these are just sounding boards for peoples gripes mainly, and a handbook of what to get away with and how to do it. THats my gripe.

If everyone simply followed the rules and used common sense and respect we wouldn't have these all out word wars.

Sorry again for your topic getting lost in the thread, as I said I apologize because I was one of the culprits.

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