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If it is their stated policy, than they are stating it in the WRONG places. As I said previously, what is printed in the dailies is of little concern to me. It is the information that I am given BEFORE BOOKING that I rely on and it is that information that I expect to be correct and consistently stated between sources (website, brochure, etc.).

Okay, then here'shte information in Celebrity's current pre-cruise information and ticket book (which I received from my travel agent to days ago).

Evening Wear

Celebrity Cruises' elegant, formal evenings nclude the Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party and Dinner, the Captain's Farewell Dinner and a third "formal" night on cruises sailing more than seven nights. The daily program, delivered to your stateroom and available at the Guest Relations Desk, will be your guide to the appropriate attire each evening.

On Casual Nights, choose from the following:
* Pantsuit or sporty outfit for women
* Sport shirt and slacks for men

On Informal Nights, the following is proper wear:
* Dress or pants outfit for women
* Jacket, shirt and tie for men

On Formal Nights, you'll want to be seen in:
* Cocktail dresses or long gowns
* Dinner jackets and dark suits
* Tuxedo (If you do not have a tuxedo, one can easily be rented before you sail through Celebrity's tuxedo representative at 1-800-551-5091. See Tuxedo Rentals section.)

I see only one point of disparity between this and the information provided aboard Celebrity's ships -- the reference to a necktie on informal evenings. If you don't find out that the necktie is optional on informal evenings until you arrive aboard ship, there's little harm done. You can just omit it at the time.

You may consider it a social faux pas, but the many passengers who change after dinner or dine casual and then attend the show would seem to disagree. Too bad not everybody can live up to your social standards.

The standard is not mine. It is the cruise line's.

What part of that don't you comprehend?

Celebrity's website adds more to the confusion with statements such as this:...

Yes, Celebrity's web site is poor and a lot of the information on it is not accurate. By way of clarification, Celebrity's specialty restaurants require the higher of informal attire or the prescribed evening dress. Practically, that means formal attire on formal evenings and informal attire on both informal and casual evenings.

I would assume...

Do you know what happens when you ASS-U-ME???


Do you really buy into that hype that Celebrity has a better class of passengers?

I have not seen any "hype" to that effect, and I also would say that "better" is the wrong adjective in this context.

But Celebrity does attract a different class of passengers than the "mainstream" lines. Those passengers generally prefer a more elegant style, and Celebrity delivers it with fewer announcements and fewer casual evenings.

It's a matter of taste. Princess tried to be everything to everybody, but that approach did not work very well. Celebrity did not copy that mistake.

As long as all the mainstream lines (and Celebrity IS a mainstream line)...

No, Celebrity is a PREMIUM line, like Holland America and, at least traditionally, Princess. Unfortunately, Princess seems to have moved "downscale" to the mainstream segment in recent years.

To put it another way, do you really expect a ship full of 2,000 people to be that concerned with YOUR experience?

No. Rather, we expect the cruise line to honor its contractual obligation to deliver what it advertises, as that's the basis on which we purchased its product. If the cruise line advertises formal evenings, we expect it to deliver formal evenings -- and that means ensuring that all who particiapte are dressed accodingly because the dress of those who participates is part of what sets the ambiance of the evening. If it becomes necessary to kick a few louts off the ship because they won't conform, then so be it.

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