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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

Interesting thread! I am a non smoker. Both parents smoked til they were in their late 50's. I hated the smoke. Same thing for my husband. My parents are still alive at 82 but his father, a doctor, died at 69 from lung cancer. Unless a cruise ship designates a special room for smokers (they do this at the Atlanta airport and maybe others) then people who smoke, no matter how considerate they are, could be risking the health of others. We considered getting a balcony stateroom sometime but the more I read the less I want to. Probably most people have no problem but I have heard where people spent the extra dollars for the balcony but could not use it because the people next door were either smoking (doesn't matter how considerate you are, the smoke drifts) or drinking with a group of others and were quite loud. Either way, their balconies were unusable to them and there went several hundred dollars down the drain.

If there are any teen agers (the largest group of new smokers) reading this thread, please, please listen to what people are saying and DON"T SMOKE! The addiction is a strong one!
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