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Vote #3 for the patch. I get sick thinking about the water - with the patch - nothing, nil, zilch, nada - well - you get the picture. I put off cruising for years because I was sure I would get sick. Our first was on the Glory - we had really big waves and a lot of green people (yes actually green!) bouncing off the bulkheads. I just swayed with the motion of the ocean and loved it.

And, as the previous posters wife can attest to - you will sleep like a baby. We actually had our heads lifting off the pillow because of the waves - it was fantastic. Our fourth cruise is coming up - also on the Conquest - can't wait. Here in Canada the patch does not require a prescription so we are lucky - much cheaper that way too.

We always try to get a cabin on the upper deck - the perfect location - right in the centre of things.

Enjoy your cruise - I can all but guarantee it won't be your last. And congratulations on your win. ENJOY!!!!
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