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I often wonder at Celebrity's hit and miss enforcement of the dress code. Then I remember what happend at work:
We never really had a dress code for the first 10 years I worked there. (I work for an investment advisory firm). They also really never recorded your in and out time. As a result, most of us gave more than our 40 hours without turning in overtime and most of us dressed conservatively. But after a while people abused the unwritten specifications. So in order to have people follow what was logical, they wrote in a dress code. They also started recording your actual time at work. When someone started using the cell phone for hours on end during working hours to make and receive personal calls, they instituted a new rule - no personal cell phones during working hours. Instead of dealing with individual offenders, they institute a new rule or refine an existing rule.
I wonder if the reason why the codes are enforced on some sailings and not on other is that there is somebody who does not meet the barest minimum (wears ripped jeans, offensive t-shirts for example) and in order to not admit that person, they have to make everyone abide (much like my office does when there is an offender).
Just a possible explanation. The only reason why I do bring up the fact that Celebrity does enforce the dress code on some sailings (a minute number compared to their total sailings) is that I would hate for a first timer to be on that one particular sailing that the dress code would be enforced and because somebody told them "dress however you want - Celebrity won't keep you out" they wouldn't be admitted to the dining room or show.
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