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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

i really did start quite a passionate debate here.. didn't i !!!!!! i believe in all rights of all people, everybody is entitled to their opinion.. i was just stating that i was tired of reading so many complaints about the smell( not the actual smoke clouds!)
and by the way, my balcony was totally aft on the back of the ship, so i doubt that cruising at 30 knots, my smoke went anywhere except behind us!!!! when i booked, after reading all these threads, i didn't want to "OFFEND"anyone, so i booked an extended aft balcony!
my whole point of this whole conversation was to suggest that people write the cruise companies and complain!!! i know for sure that there are cleaning agents that rid the smell of smoke(had a house fire once and the insurance company hired a cleaning company to do my house, smell of burnt plastic blinds and sut gone!!) btw.. before anyone thinks the fire started from careless smoking, it was a candle!!!!!
i think if they spent a longer time in port before hurdling the next weeks passengers in so fast, maybe they could clean the smell better!! i never meant to make this a health issue!!!
nor did i mean to offend anyone!!!!
and maybe while any of you who do complain to the companies, might suggest that they install better smoke eating systems!!!! just a thought!
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