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Thanks for the offer Kim. I am assuming you are a female. I am a male. Even though 99% of all my friends are females (meaning I relate very well with females on a friendship level), us being roomates probably wouldn't work, (yes, that is extremely short sided of me!) us being strangers and all.

Ridinsolo----I have not a clue!! I guess if I were to go on a cruise I would leave from Florida or PR and play on the water for 6-9 days and then get off of the ship. March 19-26 as dates of leaving on a ship. Really don't know. I would like to stay away from islands I have been to already (Turks/Caisos, St. Martin, Antigua, Dominican Republic) but when it comes right down to it, it doesn't matter. I have been to Panama twice and wouldn't mind going to Colon.

Still thinking and researching!!!! Maybe I should just load up a backpack, grab my hiking boots and drive to the 4 corners!! Not much of an ocean though. So many choices!!

Keep the ideas coming. I know I have the need for an adventure! Somewhere warm would be great!
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