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Am I to believe that by your view of the world, it is perfectly acceptable for a man from Bermuda to wear Bermuda shorts on formal night even though the guidelines specifically state "shorts are prohibited" because it is part of the "Bermuda culture", but it's not okay for a woman from the U.S. to wear a dressy pantsuit just because the guidelines don't specifically list pantsuits among the choices of formalwear, even though by your own admission dressy pantsuits are acceptable female formalwear in the "American culture"? Seems like a double standard to me.

I am not talking about a normal pair of Bermuda shorts that you might buy in a store here in the States. Rather, think of taking the formal pants (with satin stripes) that you would wear with a tuxedo jacket and shortening the legs to just above the knee. For formal occasions, Bemudans wear such shorts with a formal (pleated or ruffled) shirt with studs and cuff links, bow tie, cummerbund or vest, dinner (tuxedo) jacket, knee-high stockings with garters, and dress shoes. It's a legitimate "black tie" outfit, and therefore acceptable wear at a "black tie" event.

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