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Originally Posted by Rev22:17
I am not talking about a normal pair of Bermuda shorts that you might buy in a store here in the States. Rather, think of taking the formal pants (with satin stripes) that you would wear with a tuxedo jacket and shortening the legs to just above the knee. For formal occasions, Bemudans wear such shorts with a formal (pleated or ruffled) shirt with studs and cuff links, bow tie, cummerbund or vest, dinner (tuxedo) jacket, knee-high stockings with garters, and dress shoes. It's a legitimate "black tie" outfit, and therefore acceptable wear at a "black tie" event.
My point was never regarding whether or not the formal Bermuda shorts would be acceptable. My point is, that if they are acceptable, even though they are not specifically listed as formalwear in Celebrity's policy, and in fact, are specifically listed as prohibited (because they are shorts), than a woman's fancy pantsuit would be just as acceptable because they are commonly worn as formalwear here in the U.S. (and probably in other places too). As "daysatsea" pointed out, some of these fancy pantsuits would look absolutely silly being worn anywhere but a formal event.

I am considering my first Celebrity cruise after many on Princess and Carnival. I am not much for dressing up, but if I cruise Celebrity I will do my best to comply with the dress code. However I have not worn a dress or skirt since I've been about 7 years old and I don't intend to start just for a vacation. Surely, Celebrity didn't intend for their dress guidelines to be that inflexible, but rather just that, guidelines to set the tone for the evening.

I would like to think that Celebrity's dress code is flexible enough to allow a man dressed as you described because he is complying with the spirit of the evening, if not the letter of the written guidelines, by dressing in a way that is considered formal in his culture. But by the same token, I would expect them to be flexible enough to allow a woman dressed in a formal pantsuit because she is also complying with the spirit of the evening.

From what I have read on these boards, I don't think Celebrity would have a problem with my intended dress. However, I would hate to think that other passengers are so inflexible as to be judging me in my formal pantsuit, which would be perfectly acceptable for any other formal occasion that I can think of, just because it is not specifically listed in the guidelines.
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