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But by the same token, I would expect them to be flexible enough to allow a woman dressed in a formal pantsuit because she is also complying with the spirit of the evening.

From what I have read on these boards, I don't think Celebrity would have a problem with my intended dress. However, I would hate to think that other passengers are so inflexible as to be judging me in my formal pantsuit, which would be perfectly acceptable for any other formal occasion that I can think of, just because it is not specifically listed in the guidelines
You won't have to worry one bit!!! Mrs. Kuki has a tuxedo like suit, with large bellow pants that she bought over 6 years ago. It looks fantastic on her, and was so well made it still looks like new.

She's worn on it many times for formal nights, and never fails to draw raving comments on it; most recently from the Captain of the Celebrity Century this past June.

I've sailed on quite a number of Celebrity cruises, and frankly I think Norm's vision of what people wear on Celebrity has more to do with the way he wants to see it than in what it is.

Celebrity clientele dresses much like those on the other mass market lines; some dressed to the nines, some not.

I'm a "traditional" type who thinks people should dress nicely for formal nights, but certainly one any cruises I've been on in the past several years (Celebrity or others) I haven't seen anyone turned away from the dining rooms, nor have I seen any passengers gawking at those who are underdressed on formal nights.

In fact, we just came back last weekend from the Island Princess in Hawaii.. this trip I actually saw more men in sports jackets on casual nights than I have for a very long time on a ship. But, that's not to say there weren't plenty dressed much more casually.
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