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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

Throughout the United States, and Canada there are now fairly restrictive laws in place regarding smoking. In these places, it's pretty easy to avoid tobacco smoke.

Certainly these laws were put into place due to public pressure. If the public put the same pressures on the cruise lines, they'd likely see the same result.

Carnival was the first line to attempt a totally non smoking ship. It was a financial failure!
You can bet the mortgage that had it been a huge success, the other cruise lines would have jumped on the bandwagon.

As mentioned in an earlier post, they are trying to come up with a compromise that will work for them..... with some totally non smoking lounges on board!!! Again, if these attempts result in financial success, you're bound to see more of it.

The real KEY to this issue is to vote with YOUR WALLETS... not to complain about it onboard, or wave your arms wildly around someone smoking.

It's simple.. if you find a particular cruise line's smoking policy does not meet your standards, DON"T cruise that line. Take a vacation that better suits your needs. If the cruise lines find they are unsuccesful because of liberal smoking policies, they'll change them... as Carnival did in reverse with the non smoking Paradise.

The Paradise "experiment" failed because bar and casino revenues were much lower than other ships, and cruise lines.
Norweigan Cruise Lines used to have cabins on one side of the ship designated non smoking, and one side smoking. This policy was a financial failure as well.

As is often the case, people seem to voice their displeasure without backing up that displeasure with their money!

If you hand them your money, knowing their policies, and then complain about it, you've got it backwards!

There are many places I wont go, and establishments I won't frequent, because of various policies. I won't give them my money, and then try and insist they do it my way.

As of this time, all the major cruise lines allow smoking in their cabins, and on the private balconies. (Oceania, and Disney do not), and they allow smoking in some public areas.

Knowing this, people have to make the choice if this is a vacation for them!

While there's nothing wrong with trying to bring pressure on the cruise lines to change their policies, it makes little sense to book your cruise, and then insist others around you adapt to your needs, when the cruise line policy clearly tell them they are allowed to indulge in their sins.

Perhaps the smokers book cruises specifically because they are allowed to book onboard.

Bottom line.... It would make little sense for smokers to book the non smoking Paradise (while it is), or Oceania or Disney. But.. it doesn't make any more sense for non smokers to book ships where the policy clearing states smoking is allowed.

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