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My point was never regarding whether or not the formal Bermuda shorts would be acceptable. My point is, that if they are acceptable, even though they are not specifically listed as formalwear in Celebrity's policy, and in fact, are specifically listed as prohibited (because they are shorts), than a woman's fancy pantsuit would be just as acceptable because they are commonly worn as formalwear here in the U.S. (and probably in other places too). As "daysatsea" pointed out, some of these fancy pantsuits would look absolutely silly being worn anywhere but a formal event.

My point is that cruise lines that marktet their products predominantly in North America generally write their dress codes to North American standards. The intent of these standards is not to exclude equivalent attire of other cultures, but rather to provide clear guidance as to what is and what is not appropriate. If one were to write a policy that addressed every possible cultural variation throughout the world, it would be long enough so most people would not bother to read it.

I would like to think that Celebrity's dress code is flexible enough to allow a man dressed as you described because he is complying with the spirit of the evening, if not the letter of the written guidelines, by dressing in a way that is considered formal in his culture. But by the same token, I would expect them to be flexible enough to allow a woman dressed in a formal pantsuit because she is also complying with the spirit of the evening.

In my experience on Celebrity (six cruises in the last two and a half years), nearly all of the ladies wore either a long dress or a cocktail dress on the formal eveings and dresses of one kind or another on the informal evenings. I noticed a lot more ladies wearing formal pant suits on Princess's ships than on Celebirty's. I doubt that Celebrity would turn away a lady wearing a formal pantsuit, but the facts that (1) formal pantsuits are predominantly a North American innovation and (2) the line's published dress code, written for a predominantly North American customers, does not say that formal pantsuits are appropriate really do recommend against that style.

But do as you wish.

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