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think Norm was referring to the cultural differences, rather than the fashion ones...IMHO

That's absolutely right!

First off, most ships are NOT american, US, domestic...etc. They are registered and based in a foreign country. Lets say British, The Brits have a way of upholding traditions, and know how and when it is appropriate to skew from the 'Upheld' to the acceptable.

That's true, but cruise lines -- like all good businesses -- tailor their product to their predominant market. Part of that tailoring is to write standards and "guidelines" to the custom and culture of the predominant market. Thus, one should construe Celebrity's guidelines to be written for the North American market, with accommodation of cultural equivalence for others.

I actually went to SMITHS in Bermuda and bought and wore a pair of these shorts on a cruise years ago.

I have thought that it would be great fun to get the Bermudan formal shorts to wear with my white dinner jacket in the tropics. Alas, I have not yet made it to Bermuda....

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