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Originally Posted by OLD MAN
Well anyway that's the way it goes.. Now that the cruise lines are big business I guess they will have to play with the big boys.. The world is now a rough place.. Just ask RCCL.. (death and blood).. Bad press is how things get done.. Just ask Opray..( the book deal).. So I would take 100% if offered.. They will just pay it and move on.. Deduct it as a business expence and keep going.. I'm sure that the crew got their tips, so they did not loose any wages.. You know, maybe theses pods aren't such a good motor as they though.. OM
pods are known to be a high maintenance item even if you dont hit and damage them. I understand each of the pods on the qm2 weighs more than a 747 or approx 700,000 lbs each pod
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