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Default Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

Quote think before you type: "But it galls me to hear narrow minded people giving advice on what people should or should not do. Especially when they say something like, you want to just quit, quit buying them. It isn't that easy."

That was my post above, where I made the suggestion to stop buying them. I had a very real smoking habit. I made the decision that my health and the people around me were more important than my ignorant habit, so I made the decision to quit. And YES I just stopped buying them. There is no one holding a gun to anyone's head to buy them. If you don't have them in your posession, you aren't going to smoke them. I am well aware that quitting smoking is tough. I think saying the first step to quitting is to quit buying them is pretty obvious and I resent being referred to as NARROW MINDED. What is narrow minded is the people who continue to smoke, and cry "poor me, I just can't quit. It's not my fault, so stop complaining that I am giving you lung cancer". I am in no way whining about it. You are right that peole have other obnoxious habits, but this thread was about smoking. Just because people do other things that are rude, doesn't justify other rude behaviors. For instance, just because you called me narrow minded, does not make it okay for me to call you something insulting.
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