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Default Re: Re: sick of non-smokers complaining!!

My father died when I was 26 years old....he did not get to see his grandaughter grow up...she was his pride and joy....or see her two beautiful daughters. Dad loved life..."you're as young as you feel" ( he died at 61) . "Rise and shine"! he would say ...even it was a crappy day. Smoking took him from us.....I don't want to leave my family or lose them because of other people's habits. I know it is hard to quit..a friend of mine smoked all her life and when she turned 55 she quit cold turkey!

As for the balcony was very disturbing to us to go out on our aft balcony to find a cigarette but t on it. Obviously someone tossed it and it blew back onto our balcony. The balcony floors are wood. Does anyone know the DANGERS OF FIRE AT SEA? It is very scary!
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