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I get into the casino phase of the trips and normally have $15-20k wired into my house account prior to the trip. This keeps me from having to carry the cash and while at the tables, I can pull a marker for the evening.

Never won big though. In BJ, they limit the tables to around $300 a hand so while you can build up a pretty good run at times; it's nothing like playing the tables in Vegas. Also hard to concentrate with all the loud mouthed drunks sitting around trying to tell you what to do.

Last summer on the Legend while they were unable to provide me with a private table, they did set up a table with a minimum of $100 and max of $500. This kept the dollar players off the table, though it did not keep the know-it-alls from standing around critiquing my every move. I will be the first to say I am not a professional but I do like to play and while losing is not fun, it's quite obvious I go in with the mindset that if I lose my entire bankroll, the sun will shine the next day. I would never gamble with anything I was not prepared to lose.

I recall this one obnoxious guy who on day one bragged about winning back his entire cruise costs at the tables on every cruise he had been on. If that was the case, that particular cruise broke his ongoing record as he was struggling just to keep his bankroll. Frankly I think he was full of crap.

Another young guy and his wife/girlfriend came to a table and lost a couple hundred very quick. This guy was so mad and angry he threw his chair. I was thinking to myself how on earth could someone put themselves in such a position.

Life goes on. Let's see what the Crown Princess has to offer this July.
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