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poetic license,

Still love CENTURY overall, and am glad she is getting a facelift --- though I am ambivilent about having her 'stretched'.

The company's plans for MV Century actually do not appear to be a stretch.

>> The specialty restaurant will occupy the starboard side of the main lobby at the bottom of the atrium, on the same level as the Guest Relations Desk.

>> The new suites and inside cabins will be in the current location of the basketball court. The basketball court will move up one level.

>> The new balconies will upgrade existing outside cabins (located on decks 8 and 9, IIRC).

There will be a small "ducktail" added to the stern to provide additional bouyancy for the added weight in that area of the ship, but the company is not cutting the ship in half to splice in a new midsection, as other lines have done.

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