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Originally Posted by big apple
Dave,Icould not agree with you more.Maybe slotaddict would rather be in Vegas where there are no written rules on dress code.Keep on responding and I would like to see a pole on whether most cruisers would like to maintain the formal nites or go to a total casual to include jeans and shorts in the dining room.We did this on another board and fomal won easily.
Did you read my answer, I said I dressed appropriately, I said that those who do not dress to your expectations do not ruin my cruise experience. You are from what I can a self rightous pompous ass. I hope I never had the displeasure of being on the same ship as you. I have been in Vegas many times and guess what people dress up there. Since there are no offenders on HAL why don;t you make that your cruiseline of choice. Unless someone at my table is falling down drunk and drooling, I am not going to complain to anyone. LIFE IS TOO SHORT.
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