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Originally Posted by CAsailor
Originally Posted by bububr
Thats the purpose of this board.

To ACCURATELY give people the correct information so they can make the correct choices. NOT to encourage bad behavior, which IS what you are doing.

As someone who has been on many cruises, but has yet to take my first Celebrity cruise, I appreciate reading ALL points of view on this issue. Often what is printed in the policies are different from what is adhered to aboard ship. I would think that no matter which side of this issue you are on, you would want to know those differences so that you can make an informed decision.
Agreed, however, since I said that I do adhere to the "suggested" dress code, I do not see the need to be lectured on the behavior of others. And as you said ultimately "you" are the one who makes your own decision as to how to adhere to the dress code or not. As I orginally stated I just returned from the Zenith, I observed at least 98% adherence to the dress code, and yet somehow because the 2% who did not adhere did not bother me, nor were they banned from any activities. My fellow cruisemates feel the need to lecture me.
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