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Originally Posted by Normandie-BCN
In the Millennium last August nobody enforced the dress code.
Now there is a name that reminds one of and excellent restaurant.
Quiz: Which ship.
Dress Code: Mostly these are recommendations so people that like to dress up know that this is the night to do it. Everyone is on vacation so it would be difficult to turn anyone away from dining because of dress. It is just that I don't think the ships crew would want you to be embarrassed that you were the only one in the dining room not dressed up. If it doesn't bother you no problem. I do think it is a courtesy to your fellow passengers to try and look your best. (I went 8 days without luggage and always went to dinner).
On a South American cruise we were in a forward lounge and a man walks in and up to the bar with nothing but a "J" strap on. He was helped back to his room. We couldn't decide to laugh, giggle or choke.
Now that is a dress code that should be enforced.
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